fvf12-0063_stdYou may be wondering, what gives this gal the credentials to write such insightful material? (wink, wink)  Yeah yeah, ok so here it goes…
I grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan–home of Kellogg’s Cereal, every now and again I will smell something that reminds me of the smell of burning corn flakes– and think ahhh smells like home.  I went to an inner city public school that was home to one of the very first School Farms and Outdoor Education programs.  I was lucky enough to go through the entire program and even had the opportunity to work with them as a day camp counselor when I was in high school.  After graduating I attended Michigan State University where I began studying Broadcast Journalism.  After one semester of studying what was seemingly, an unethical and biased industry I decided to switch my major to something I truly cared about– recreation. (Get your laughs out now everybody–yes I did play ultmate frisbee during a college class.)

During my junior year I landed an internship with a large YMCA camp on the east coast- Frost Valley YMCA.  At Frost Valley I learned to value tradition and the relationships and memories constructed at summer camp.  I battled a bout of homesickness that first summer but as the summer drew to a close, I could feel that this place had become a second home.  I spent the next few summers returning to the Catskills to help create summer memories, and in January 2011 landed a full time job as the Resident Camp Director for the youngest section of camp– Camp Wawayanda.
Obviously there is a lot in between these few events that I have detailed, however these specific points in my life have brought me to my professional career today.  I am passionate about what I do and confident that the summer camp is changing the world for the better one summer at a time.


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